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Thursday, 7 July 2011

New york based, Nigerian model, Joan Caven

Joan Caven is a New york based, Nigerian model who as made name for herself.Get to know this pretty young lady and tell us what you think!
  Introduction-Hi my name is Kaven and I am from Nigeria. I am the last of six kids so growing up was really fun for me. I went to school in Nigeria first and then I travelled to America to finish my education. I was  scouted in Boston and this was how I got into modelling.

 Modelling:It’s been great. I started a year ago and I have met so many great people. It’s an amazing adventure and I am just letting things happen and enjoying it because I love what I am doing.

 Growing up:Growing up, some people always said I should try and model but I never really pursued it. As aNigerian, I was thinking about my education and nothing else so I never paid it any mind so when the offer to model dropped into my lap, I decided it was meant to be and so I took a chance and went for it.

Love:I love designing clothes. I am part of a fashion label known as Cranberry which is basically clothes for the fashion savvy girl. I also love making mini movies with my friends at 4acesTV.

 Describe:I would describe myself as all three. As a new face at Wilhelmina, I have done commercials, runway shows and presentations for top fashion brands.

 Most Striking Features :Photographers always like my cheekbones and my skin so I would say my cheekbones and my skin

 Keep Shape:As a Nigerian…I eat everything Nigerian that I can get my hands on. I love food a lot and so I eat a lot. My friends call me a bottomless pit..hahaha.  I don’t workout per say but I walk around NY a lot and that is a work out on its own.

Goals:I want to have as much fun modelling and I want to be able to travel to many different countries and experience different cultures. I really just want to have fun and enjoy what I love doing.  Hopefully I will stick around for while and make a name for myself.

Hobbies,Likes and Dislikes- I love modelling its fun. ..but I also love to read and paint and of course to design clothes and make movies. I am currently writing a script with my friends so watch out!

Role-Model-I would give an A to Oluchi. She is my role model. She’s Nigerian like me and I think that she has accomplished so much. I want to be like her. It’s funny because my booker used to be her booker  and he always  says I look like her which is a great compliment because I think she is beautiful.

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