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Thursday, 30 June 2011


Who says Nigerian chicss ant hot!well i dont care what you think(smiles).When it comes to creativity in style Debola Laleye got it.The U.S based fashionista featured on House of maliQ HIGHLY CLASSY.

H.O.M.E-how do you defined fashion and what does it mean to you?
     Debola- I see fashion has a life style, something that is part of my daily routine. Dont get me wrong i dont always wear 5 inch heels or a full face of make-up when im just running errands or going to class but I always make sure when I shop, I shop for something that makes a fashion statement,so even if I'm just wearing flats or carrying a backbag to class, it has to be something with style.

H.O.M.E-as a fashionista what really keeps you happy?

        Debola-Shoes keep me happy.(smiles)that might sound materialistic but it really does.There are days when I would be upset or worried about something and not be able to come up with a solution simply because I'm so worried I wouldn't do the right thing. Buying a pair of shoe always seems to calm me down and when I'm calm i'm happy , and when i'm happy I make better decisions.(laughing)  

H.O.M.E-what is your beauty routine?

     Debola-I always wash my face morning and night with Orgins Zero Oil cleansing and moisturizing set and i've used Marykay Acne treatment for as long as I can remember because my skin is very prone to breakouts..I also exfoliate daily with a Body sugar skin polisher..   

                               Deola laley and Dami Seriki                                              
H.O.M.E-what is your favourite perfume?

     Debola-Funny enough I don't really have a favorite perfume that I wear.I actually have a favorite perfume but for Guys,(laughing)and it 212 Men...But for females,right now i'm loving Gucci Guilty..

H.O.M.E-who is your best Designer?

     Debola- I don't have a best designer, and that's because i always look for uniqueness.I don't like to wear stuff and right off the back everyone can tell who I'm wearing.I always like to believe no one else as my outfit,so i shy away from name brands and trends to go for talented upcoming designers.

H.O.M.E-who are your best African Designer?

   Debola-April By Kunbi, Jewel by lisa and Deola Sagoe are the Nigerian designers I cant wait to own a piece.(laughing)

H.O.M.E-looking at the Nigeria industry who among the celebrities do you personal see as very stylish and why?

    Debola-Genevive Nnaji.I'm constantly impressed by her.She's one of the few Nigerian celebrities who takes time to look good..

H.O.M.E-In your own word every chic need to look....?

   Debola-Every chic need to look Fabulous...

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