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Friday, 31 August 2012

How to Apply Makeup Well - Get Kim's Look

To Apply Under-Eye Concealer

Use the Owl
“The natural tendency is to look up to the light, but then you can’t see what you’re trying to cover,” says New York City makeup artist Mike Potter. Instead, tip your chin down slightly and stare straight ahead into the mirror. This will expose the dark areas you need to focus on.

To Apply Foundation

Use the No-No
Spread color with downward strokes of a sponge or a brush. Periodically turn your face to each side, as if shaking your head, to ensure you’ve covered every area. Tilt your head back and check under your chin. Look for obvious lines along the jaw and blend accordingly.

To Apply Blush

Use the Diva
Suck in your cheeks and apply color to your cheekbones, working from the temples in. “Just follow the lines of your bones—it’s foolproof,” says Laura Geller, the president of Laura Geller Makeup, in New York City. After applying, look straight into the mirror to make sure that you’ve put the same amount of color on each side

To Apply Powder

Use the Puffer Fish
“Fill your cheeks with as much air as you can,” says Potter. This will smooth out your wrinkles so the makeup doesn’t accumulate in them and exaggerate lines. When you relax your face, blend any excess product with a powder brush or puff.

To Apply Eye Shadow

Use the Snob
Look forward into the mirror and tilt your head back a bit so you can see your entire lid. This helps you apply color from the very base of the lashes to just above the crease. If your lids are crepey, raise your brow to stretch the skin so that the color doesn’t “skip” as you put it on.

To Apply False Lashes 

Use the Pat
Close your eye slightly and gently pull down your lid with a finger. “This will give you easy access to the lash line,” says Napoleon Perdis, a makeup artist in New York City and Los Angeles. Place the lash strip on the center of the lash line, then secure each end.

To Apply Mascara

Use the Tilt
Tilt your head back to make the roots of your lashes completely visible. Begin applying the mascara at the inner corner of your eye. Once you’ve reached the center of your lash line, point the tip of the wand upward to separate each lash fully as you coat it. Lower the wand tip again as you work your way to the outer edge.

To Apply Eyeliner

Use the Peekaboo 
Raise your eyebrows and close one eye to flatten your “canvas.” With feathery strokes, apply from the outer corner in. “Steady your hand by resting your drawing elbow on a table,” says makeup artist Trish McEvoy. Then line under the bottom lashes if you want.

Either relax your lips altogether or pucker slightly as you apply color. “Just don’t give a big grin,” says Perdis. “If you do, you’ll flatten your mouth’s natural contours, so the end result won’t be precise.” When you’re blending with a lip brush, say “oh” and take the brush all the way into the corners of your mouth.

To Apply Lip Gloss

Use the Shhh
To create the most intense look, use your finger to dab your favorite shade of gloss on just the center of your lips rather than across your whole mouth (which diffuses the color). Then press your lips together gently to distribute the gloss.


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