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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Genevieve Nnaji Showed off a Dramatic Look at Funke Akindele's Wedding.Also The New Face of Range Rover

 Genevieve Nnaji showed off a dramatic look at Funke Akindele's Wedding..The sexy actress shined in an overall white ,paired it with a multi colored blazer,completed the look with a yellow purse.What I love most is her cute hair cut,it's a total new look and a different one. 

Genevieve Nnaji


  1. I luv ds, genny u luk so luvly

  2. She's fabulousthe colors suits her right.

  3. Yea,she def knws ow 2 combine d colors ryt

  4. It's funny cos I use to think she is that type that would never be seen in colors at same time..I've seen her in couple of black dresses and begin to womder.her hair look nice tho

  5. I love Genny.she is a lucky lady and the new face of Range Rover..keep it up girl you are blessed.

  6. hmmm... I think she looks nice but i have to say she's becoming too skinny she shld be careful, also she sorta looks like nig/uk actress caroline chikezie with dis short hair hmmm... Gene i smell ur game *wink* rumors had it ur man dbanj once had affair with caroline, and she has conquered the hollywood/ uk film scene while ur still trying. U go girl! play ur game looooool

    1. What rubbish r u blabbing about? Haters confuse demslvs and all else when dey hv nuffin to hate on. Try as u may to insinuate Genny has an agenda or is a strategist or anything to demean her progress if it makes u sleep well but that won't stop her one bit. She is our pride and joy and we r proud of her so go and kill urself.

  7. Genevieve rock...Hatters Very original from head to toe. Love the vibrant color combo and the bold accessories too .