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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Best Dressed at The 2012 Complete Fashion Style Night . Stephanie Okereke ,Waje ,Ugonna Umeruo ,Nadia Buari ,Alexandra Nwokedi

Alexandra Nwokedi look classy and sexy.The pieces are put together in a way that is really interesting,sexy and pretty.This is the kind of dress that would want to make you go out.Alexandra is wearing a black fitted sheer marmaid gown .her body shape did a great justice to the stunning gown.If you want to play up your curves,this is just it!

Alexandra Nwokedi

Nadia Buari

She decieded to look simple but classy.Her smile is so chic.The dress look pretty nice in a simple way.

Alexander Amosu

 Honestly, not everyone can pull of a white detailed gown like this with lot of gathers.The gown is unique and suit appropriately for her look.You have to wear what you can really define and this is just it.

Three words -Cute ,sexy ,classy

Stephanie Okereke

She is one of Nollywood hottest celeb.This is a great way to wear the trend without the trend wearing you.Stephanie Okereke looks great in anything if she love it.The fit of the gown is dead on.

Ugonna Umeruo

I love her hair,clutch and of course the white gown.If there is one other thing I love most is the big bold tie up the side of the hand.It's classy.Ugonna keep developing her style and i love it.

She doesn't shy away from experimenting and i think thats what makes her unique.

This is a lady that wears what suit her.She enjoys her sense of style being classy and elegant.She is committed to her style and thats a good one.
Tiwa Savage

When it comes to simplicity Tiwa never goes wrong.Although some  of you will say there is nothing special but the truth is, her confidence and boldness brought out the beauty.The white long sleeve dress is perfect for a young lady like her.I love it.

Yvonne Nwosu Ekwere

This bold green sequins gown is a great way to make a statement.She love to take risk.she love to push fashion forward.The color really stood out and spoke a lot about her personality.


  1. Funke Aboderin27 June 2012 at 03:29

    Nice maliq but I don't think Yvonne's shape did a great justice to that gown.The choice is wrong on her,not for her body shape .I just don't think you should class her.

    1. love the lady in blue..Her hair is classy. the texture of the dress makes it more interesting

    2. Kolawole Olumu27 June 2012 at 06:19

      @ Yvonne If you do not have curves, don't buy such dress! lol

    3. the only look i really like is the first one.the rest are really boring, especially Tiwa's

  2. Alexandra Nwokedi and Alexander Amosu is the best for me.

  3. Ugonna and the two Alex are the best for me

  4. @ funke you are right..Nadia dress is not even glam and shouldn't be class as best dressed.Tiwa shoes are wicked

  5. They all look good.I respect Nigerians,especially the ladies they know how to dress well.I'm loving Alex(the first pic) more.

  6. Ugonna rock!!! Best designer.

  7. lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, yvonne u so rock that dress!!

  8. Nadia still beautiful regardless...not a fan of the dress though.Alex rock it all and came out best for me.

  9. Those shoes are hottie

  10. The two alex,Stephanie,Waje,Ugonna rocking my world.good choice super stars

  11. Stephanie look nice.Love her!! Her style is nice! You can tell she doesnt have to dress like a 21 year old to get attention like a lot of older women who claim to love fashion. Good for her!!

  12. Stephanie okereke always kills it for me. She manages to lOok actrative and all out classy at the same tym. Dat dress does not become yvonne cos her curves are nt right

  13. Something is throwing me off – and I can’t really figure out what.
    I like the outfit with the sheer, as well as the one with gathers. Others seemed just ok.
    I think generally, yvonne needs to work on cloths that suit her shape that will help.The dress is pretty but not for her.

  14. They were all wonderful , gorgeous and magnificent. I really love them watching and staring them because it gives me an extra hint and idea on what's going to be the best wear for occasions and parties.

  15. Definitely alex killed it

  16. Yvonne is an average looking girl who looks stunning just like the rest of us would look if we got a nice of dress . However, in my opinion, that day wz an epic fail. Didn't like the dress or her hair.