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Monday, 5 December 2011

Pure Fashion And Style Singer Dencia

Dencia is very stylish.She doesn't fake it when it comes to her style.It's really not easy having your own style.Wearing white in public is an extreme gamble (for many reasons), but Dencia shows no fear whatsoever,even though it's really not appropriate wearing a wedding gown on a red carpet,she sure look great in it.


  1. Lovely dress....Nice concept.She shouldn't have wasted it on a red carpet.look better for a wedding..But all the same lovely.

  2. Are we missing she getting married or perhaps a run away bride!!!!Don't understand....Is this a fashion statement..ugly!!!She can't get Fame in hollywood even though she has tried over and over again....I think she finally realized it just wasn't going to work in L.A... And she said to herself...let me try Nig...i thought she told the world she was half ass nigerian and half ass cameroonian...she needs to try Cameroon!!!she is pathetic!!!!

  3. You right though.The fashion statement really don't tell well.You don't over do things when you talented.People will naturally like you for who you are and stop fooling around..