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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cover Girl Style Interview- "My Hips Is My Favourite Part Of My Body"Moyo Lawal

Welcome to the fashion world of the very delectable Moyo Lawal,queen of soap opera,now nollywood headliner in the making. Her gorgeous look is amazing.Beside her talent,she got a great fashion sense. Read more about her on HOUSE OF MALIQ
My personal style is fierce, fabulous and fearless.
Your dream holiday-?
A man’s fashion trend that confuses you-?
Men tying wrapper.
Favorite fragrance-?
Dior Addict by Christian Dior
Things people don’t know about you-?
I love to read and am a very shy person(laughs)

Describe a fashionable woman-?
A fashionable woman is one who is comfortable in her own skin
Locally and internationally who are your most stylish celebrity-?
Locally Rita Dominic, internationally Kim kadarshian
Favorite body part-?
My hips
How do you like your red carpet look-?

Very attractive, sexy, classy and appealing, Well sometimes it’s also depend on the occasion
Words you live by-?
Live your passion
What advice would you give ladies out there who are not comfortable with their looks and body shape-?
They should find one special part of their body they like most and let anything they wear flatter it. Basically women should learn to appreciate who they are because it will reflect in their personality

Shoes especially heels are important what do you think?
Heels oh yes(smile)they always give that wonderful sexiness to every outfit.
If you are to change one thing about your look,what would it be-?
Nothing really(laughs)I love every part of my body.
You get embarrassed when-?
When I let down a friend or disappoint someone
Fashion advice-?
Love yourself and everything you wear will love you. You don’t have to wear everything in vogue

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  1. Beautiful article,I must say d actress is very pretty. Her choice of clothes,colours & style are very much on point. I also agree wit her that we shud pay attention to that special part of our body and play it up at all times. In all,its a nice piece put together. Kudos to Moyo Lawal & I must add she's got flawless skin