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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Exclusive- Cover Girl Actress Marian Kekurah Talks About Style

Holy hotness! Whether you like it or not this lady with talent is pretty and sexy. Actress Marian kekurah graces the Cover girl of September edition 2011 HOUSE OF MALIQ. So many of you will be wondering why we came up with this concept. “The idea is all about an African woman who is proud of her skin color and not afraid to flaunt it” Sincerely Marian is not just proud of being a woman she also want everyone woman out there to be proud of what they look like irrespective of their skin color or body shape. She’s just one of those Africa beauty that runs the fashion world. Check out her style interview

Introduce yourself-?
My name is Marian Kekurah. I was born in Sierra Leone, went to London when I was 12.Am a nurse but now concentrating on my acting career. I have done couple of Sierra Leone movies in London and currently working on different movie production in Nigeria. So watch out for this face (smiles)

What inspired you?
I have always wanted to be an actress. Here in Africa, the Nollywood movie industry got me highly inspired. Am also a huge fan!

What in your own opinion is fashion-?
Fashion to me is not about wearing the biggest designer clothing, it’s also about being comfortable with your own skin. It’s about being able to make a statement, defined anything you wear. I believe Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

Your style-?
My personal style varies, for example sometimes I go for the chic, elegant or rock star look. It just depends on the occasion and my mood, (smiles) basically I love looking different.

Signature look -?
My signature style varies. I don’t have a specific look / style

Where do you do your shopping?
I mostly do all my shopping in London. I shop in Zara, Top shop, River Island , Aldo, House of Freaser etc the list goes on and on (smiles)

Your most worn fragrance-?
Gucci Rush by Gucci

Style crush-?
My baby Rihanna (laughs)

What is a man’s fashion trend that confuses you?
I don’t like seeing men wearing over size (big) or extremely tight trousers. They are no go area for me (smiles)

3 things in your closet you cannot do without-?
LV hand bags, black leggings and black vests.

Style icon-?
It has to be Rihanna

What type of item do you like to save money on-?
Watches, handbags and shoes

As a woman what do you think about shoes-?
Wow shoes are great! They are one of the most relevant items in a women's life,without a good pair of heels your outfit will not make any sense, sometimes it might even come out horrible. So is a most have.

What is your best color and why does it look nice on you?
I love black because it compliments my skin color.

What words do you live by-?
Determination is the key to success.

Define a fashionable woman-?
A fashionable women to me is a women of pride, elegance and confidence.

What would you never be caught wearing-?
I would never be catch wearing raw meat on my body example Lady Gaga (Big laughter).

How do you see the Nigeria fashion industry?
Nigerian fashion has stepped up tremendously, they keep surprising me. Anything in Vogue you will surely find it in Nigeria that for sure. The fashion awareness is just amazing.

Being classy-?
Is self respect. Its way a women carries her image.

Locally and internationally who is your most stylish celebrity-?
Internationally for me is Beyonce Knowles. Locally Rita Dominic.

What is your nerdiest hobby-?
As old as I am I still love watching cartoons (big laughter)

If I should open your fringe anytime, what is that thing I would always find-?
Wow! My body products e.g. lotions, scrubs etc even my tooth paste (big laughter) I know it sound ridiculous but the coolness keeps them fresh and active.

Fashion advice?
Wear what compliments you, don't follow trend be a trend setter (smiles) lastly try not to wear cloths just because they are designers, wear what suits you.

What is your dream role as an actress and who would you love to act it with?
My dream role is to play Julia Robert(the movie "pretty woman")It's one of the classiest movie ever!I would love to act it with Denzel Washington,he's a great actor and one of my favourite(smiles)


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