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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Prince Uzoegwu is a graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka .Studied English.A catwalk instructor,chorographer,actor and stylist.Presently serving with silverbird TV.This dude is just spectacular.Check out his interview with HOUSE OF MALIQ.

 What Inspired You-Seeing Alexander Mcqueen collection when I was younger tickled my interest in fashion and this brought about my obsession with everything to do with the industry. Great designers who have created works of art is admirable.

In your own opinion what is Fashion- There is no clear definition to what fashion is. Trends come and go, style is individual.....and fashion can be interpreted in anyway...that's what makes it so interesting. 

Your Style- I love skinny jeans, it suits my frame, it about dressing for your shape and letting your personality come through. I like colour blocking, and tees that make a statement. I wear contact lenses sometimess to stand out. I dnt like looking like everyone else. 

 Style Icon- I love Russel brand aka Mr Katy Perry...My style is most similiar to his...Lady GaGa....cos she's edgy...and like Ms JAy frm AMTN.

Style crush-David Beckham!

Signature Style- Skinny jeans and a Tee Shirt..

Shopping-Nigerian Boutiques, levi store, high street like Zara.

Favourite Designer- Mimi Lee London
                  Music Artist Goldie.Shot from her new music video (styled by Prince Uzoegwu)

Goldie on her make up shot
 Things people do not know about you- Who I choose to love! 

Should men shop for what is trendy or what works for them- what works for them, don't follow style, let style follow you.

Who is your Most Stylish Nigerian Celebrity- Banky W
                                        Goldie dressed up like some Egyptian goddess
 Prince Uzoegwu and Goldie
 Best compliment you’ve ever received- I'm

What would you never be cought wearing- Baggy jeans! Or anything orange.

Do you see yourself becoming a designer- yea, its one of my future goals.

What do you think about fashion in Nigeria-I think its growing, there's huge improvement, were proud to wear ankara. 
                                                           Prince Uzoegwu
                                                       Prince Uzoegwu

Goldie dressed up like some Egyptian goddess
 What makes someone fashionable- when you see someone has thought about what their wearing, putting clothes together, perfect hair matched with nice accessories. 

Most people complain about their looks,whats your definition of happiness- when I achieve my aims and everywhere is peaceful..when your making it.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years- A well known stylist and Catwalk instructor in d world.

 3 words to describe you as a stylist-My style,how I dress my clients!Once u see my styles,u will definately kw its prince!

Ever consider changing your line of business-No.

What else would you be if you warent a stylist-A Stripper Lol am so obsessed with everything abt them

                                                            Prince Uzoegwu and Goldie
Goldie (creative shot)
 You have been in this industry for couple of years how do you manage to stand out-bascially I feel my work should speak for me.once u re good u will always stand out.

What is the thing you love about fashion-The way people look when dey wear a hot outfit!

The african fashion industry is really going places.what advise would you give upcoming stylist-Be urself,trust me its nt easy,am still growin but then once u believe and get serious,u will achieve ur dreams!

As a stylist Who would you most love to style and why-Bubu,Jide and Mimi lee london cuz dey represent d value of fashion.

How do you like your red carpet look-
Edgy,Dark and Fierce!
                                                 Ini Edo and Prince Uzoegwu
Facebook:Prince Cobra Uzoegwu
Phone number:08162145783

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